GamaLearn Academy

The Academy aims to provide alternative tracks of training courses between Essentials, Advanced and Specialized as it covers different product modules and solutions with different depths and difficulty levels.


Benifits At a Glance!

Web and Mobile Based

Access your courses from your desktop machine, laptop, tablet or mobile. Using GamaLearn Academy has no device or technology limits at all.

Interactive Content

Learning with different kinds of digital material such as Videos, Images, Workflows and more.

Certification Enabled

Get certified as a GamaLearn Certified Trainer by completing all the required courses which will unlock multiple training opportunities in your region.

Multilingual Courses

Multilingual Courses is one of the crucial features we support in the Academy to make sure all our users are satisfied and willing to learn easily.

Microlearning Enabled

It's proven to be the most effective way of learning by reducing lessons into small, easily-absorbed ones that can be easily understood and memorized.

Learn at you own Pace

Whether you are aiming to complete the course in a day or a month. There are no limits for your enrollment in the course, exams will be ready for you once you finish specific milestones in the course.

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SwiftAssess Essentials

Learning the essentials of using SwiftAssess platform for teachers and authors. Learners will access all the learning material, get activities to do and tests to take. Then, get a certificate after passing.

SwiftAssess OperationsCourse
IT & Admin

SwiftAssess Operations

This course targets Operations, IT Admin, and logistics teams to understand all the needed information to run SwiftAssess smoothly.

SwiftAssess ManageProgramslong-Recovered

Manage Academic Programs

This course gives the learner an overview on all the academic programs and the structure of it.

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